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Everything you need to know about MTN Water Based 300

Montana Colors Water Based Cans are a revolutionary spray paint with unique properties that has changed the spray painting game. If you are not familiar with Montana Water Based Spray Paint, we have compiled all the fundamental information about this revolutionary spray paint product.


Montana Colors Water Based Spray Paint - A Revolutionary Paint Product

Montana Water Based Paint: A Revolutionary Paint

In 2014, Montana Colors developed MTN Water Based, a 300 ml water-based spray paint can. It  launched with a range of 52 matt finish, low pressure colors that matched traditional artist brush paint color palettes.

The product itself was born as a solution to two important issues noticed by Montana Colors.

On one hand, studio work has grown in importance and as a part of street art and graffiti culture. Whether it’s a hobby or a professional goal, studio art work is part of the logical evolution in the creative process of many graffiti writers and street artists. However, there lacked an aerosol spray paint designed to be used in these interior environments. Enter Montana Colors Water Based sprays.

At the same time, Montana Colors was working on some technological evolutions in the aerosol world in the process of searching for new formulas that are more sensitive, ecological and cause less chemical impact. Creating the water-based spray paint was a major step in this direction since MTN Colors Water Based  paint is non-solvent based and has minimal environmental impact.

And with that, the first commercial spray paint with an aqueous composition was created. To support the launch of a revolutionary spray paint, Montana Colors gave it the simple and straightforward name MTN Water Based 300.


Montana Colors Water Based Spray Paint - 300ml Cans

Montana Water Based Paint is Easy to Use, Odorless and Versatile

Montana Water Based 300 ml format emerged as a natural evolution of the artist spray paint. Halfway between the standard 400 ml and the old 250 ml MTN Alien, the Water Based can offers a comfort and ease to meet the demands and details for jobs for which it was designed. The smaller can size of the 300 ML Montana Water Based Spray Paint eliminates the  cumbersome can size issue that hinders precision on canvas Furthermore, the small size of Water Based cans has notable advantages when it comes to storage. Add to that the fact that it's a water-based paint means that water can be used as a solvent, making it perfect for experimenting with different tools and easy to mix with other colors once they’re applied. Don’t fret it washing away, as MTN Color Water Based spray paint dries permanent!

Beyond size and eco-friendliness, the paint itself is highly versatile. From Canvases, to sketches, to sculptures… its uses are endless! For instance, in California and Hawaii, several surfboard shapers have already adopted MTN Water Based as a favorite tool for creation of surfboard graphics due to the absence of typical spray paint chemicals. 

With all of these features, Montana Water Based 300 is the perfect aerosol for working in the studio. Its size, the properties of the paint, and above all, its low odor due to the special resins in its composition, have made it the preferred spray paint for graffiti, street  and fine artists working indoors. Not a studio type of artist?  Don’t worry,  MTN Water Based 300 is also a great tool for graffiti, street art and large scale murals.


Montana Colors Water-Based Spray Paint color chart - 52 Water Based spray paint colors

52 Montana Water Based Spray Paint Colors 

MTN Water Based was released with 52 original colors with names taken from / matching the original pigments used for fine art paints. Utilizing these recognizable names, the color range defines its own color identity with respect to the Hardcore and 94 ranges and provides the fine arts paint user a familiar hue identification system.


Montana Colors Water Based Spray Paint

From the Studio to the Layup

The graffiti world has a peculiar tendency to adapt products designed for a totally different purpose to suit the needs of graffiti. A few examples of these are Bingo Daubers, Griffin mops for shoes, Kores glue markers or Markal solid paint markers. 

In the case of MTN Water Based 300 Spray Paint, something similar happened. Many graffiti writers have been utilizing this artistic tool into their graffiti activities. Since it is an aerosol product that's difficult to detect by scent, MTN Water Based 300 has become the perfect ally for clandestine artist attempting to paint without being noticed. Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid and Bucarest are cities where subway writers consider Montana Colors’ water-based spray paint to be an essential tool in order to help avoid being caught.

In the end Montana Colors Water Based Spray Paint is the only solvent-less spray paint on the market. Beware of spray brands advertising “Acrylic Formula” on their spray cans as they are not water based. Instead, they refer to the chemical nature of the resin (Alkyd, Acrylic or Nitro), and are totally solvent based and in turn not healthy to spray indoors. If you are looking for a human and Eco Friendly Water Based formula spray paint,.MTN WB 300 is the only way to go!!

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Ana May 17, 2018

Can I use inside the house

Tony June 05, 2018

How do i remove fluorescent red from what appears to be sandstone on a bank wall please? Cheers

Qwerty December 04, 2018

If I am using this on metal what can I use a primer? Do I need one if I scuff it up with say 600-800 grit

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